Journal Article Characteristics and properties of gingival mesenchymal stem cells

Iizuka, Tadashi  ,  Takahashi, Tomomi  ,  Ushijima, Natsumi

38 ( Special issue )  , pp.40 - 46 , 2017-09 , 北海道歯学会
The gingiva is a unique oral tissue overlaying the alveolar ridges. It is recognized as a biological mucosal barrier and a distinct component of the oral mucosal immunity. This tissue can easily be obtained in the clinic as a discarded biological sample. Recently, gingival mesenchymal stem cells (G-MSCs) have been isolated and characterized as abundant and easily accessible, as compared to other mesenchymal stem cell sources. Many reports described G-MSCs as having much potential for multilineage differentiation and show remarkable tissue regenerative properties. Primary experimental therapeutic applications of G-MSCs are potentially superior to conventional clinical treatment modalities. Several studies have recently applied G-MSCs to stem cell-based therapy and revealed that G-MSCs have many advantages as a candidate cell source for bone regeneration and periodontal tissue regeneration. This review summarizes the scientific evidence on G-MSCs' isolation, their characterization, and their regenerative properties.

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