Journal Article Formation and decay of resonance states in 9Be and 9B nuclei : Microscopic three-cluster model investigations

V. S, Vasilevsky  ,  K, Katō  ,  N. Zh, Takibayev

96 ( 3 )  , pp.034322-1 - 031322-14 , 2017-09 , American Physical Society
We study the nature of the low-lying resonance states in mirror nuclei 9Be and 9B. Investigations are performed within a three-cluster model. The model makes use of the hyperspherical harmonics, which provides a convenient description of the three-cluster continuum. The dominant three-cluster configurations α + α + n and α + α + p in 9Be and 9B, respectively, are taken into account. Dominant decay channels for all resonance states in 9Be and 9B are explored. Much attention is paid to the controversial 1/2+ resonance states in both nuclei. We study effects of the Coulomb interaction on the energy and width of three-cluster resonances in the mirror nuclei 9Be and 9B.We also search for the Hoyle-analog state, which is a key step for alternative ways to synthesize 9Be and 9B in triple collisions of clusters in a stellar environment.

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