Conference Paper Prevention of Catastrophic Volcanic Eruptions

Fujii, Yoshiaki  ,  Kodama, Jun-ichi  ,  Fukuda, Daisuke  ,  Dassanayake, Abn

Giant volcanic eruptions emit sulphate aerosols as well as volcanic ash. Needless to say that volcanic ash causes significant damage to the environment and human at large. However, the aerosols are even worse. They reach the Stratosphere and stay there for months to years reflecting insolation. As a result, air temperature at the Earth's surfaces drops. Even a slight temperature drop may cause severe food shortage. Yellowstone supervolcano, for example, can even make human in the Northern Hemisphere extinct in several hundred thousand years. Therefore, gradual energy release by supercritical geothermal power generation was proposed to prevent such catastrophic eruptions. The necessary technical innovation is drilling into the depth. However, after the innovation, the power generation itself would be profitable. The risk is unpredicted induction of unwanted catastrophic eruptions.

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