Journal Article Power of Enumeration - Recent Topics on BDD/ZDD-Based Techniques for Discrete Structure Manipulation

Minato, Shin-ichi

E100 ( 8 )  , pp.1556 - 1562 , 2017-08 , 電子情報通信学会(The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers / IEICE)
Discrete structure manipulation is a fundamental technique for many problems solved by computers. BDDs/ZDDs have attracted a great deal of attention for twenty years, because those data structures are useful to efficiently manipulate basic discrete structures such as logic functions and sets of combinations. Recently, one of the most interesting research topics related to BDDs/ZDDs is Frontier-based search method, a very efficient algorithm for enumerating and indexing the subsets of a graph to satisfy a given constraint. This work is important because many kinds of practical problems can be efficiently solved by some variations of this algorithm. In this article, we present recent research activity related to BDD and ZDD. We first briefly explain the basic techniques for BDD/ZDD manipulation, and then we present several examples of the state-of-the-art algorithms to show the power of enumeration.

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