Journal Article Structural instability of large-scale functional networks

Mizutaka, Shogo  ,  Yakubo, Kousuke

12 ( 7 )  , p.e0181247 , 2017-07-20 , PLOS
We study how large functional networks can grow stably under possible cascading overload failures and evaluated the maximum stable network size above which even a small-scale failure would cause a fatal breakdown of the network. Employing a model of cascading failures induced by temporally fluctuating loads, the maximum stable size nmax has been calculated as a function of the load reduction parameter rthat characterizes how quickly the total load is reduced during the cascade. If we reduce the total load sufficiently fast ( r >= r(c)), the network can grow infinitely. Otherwise, nmax is finite and increases with r. For a fixed r(< r(c)), nmax for a scale-free network is larger than that for an exponential network with the same average degree. We also discuss how one detects and avoids the crisis of a fatal breakdown of the network from the relation between the sizes of the initial network and the largest component after an ordinarily occurring cascading failure.

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