Journal Article Polyinstanton axion inflation

Kobayashi, Tatsuo  ,  Uemura, Shohei  ,  Yamamoto, Junji

96 ( 2 )  , p.026007 , 2017-07-15 , American Physical Society (APS)
We investigate the axion inflation model derived by polyinstanton effects in type II superstring theories. Polyinstanton effects are instanton effects corrected by another instanton and they can generate the modulus-axion potential with the double exponential function. Although the axion has a period of small value, this potential can have a flat region because its derivatives are exponentially suppressed by nonperturbative effects. From the view point of the cosmic inflation, such a potential is interesting. In this paper, we numerically study the possibilities of realizing the cosmic inflation. We also study their spectral index and other cosmological observables, numerically.

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