Departmental Bulletin Paper Preliminary investigation of the relationships between environmental conditions and landings of North Pacific giant octopus(Enteroctopus dofleini) at Minamikayabe, Hokkaido

Taguchi, Akira  ,  Sawamura, Masayuki  ,  Bower, John R.

67 ( 2 )  , pp.17 - 24 , 2017-08-10
Relationships between environmental factors and fluctuations in landing of North Pacific giant octopus(Enteroctopus dofleini Wulker, 1910) at Minamikayabe town, Hakodate city, Japan, during 1985-2016 were analyzed using regression analysis. Annual landings ranged between 165 and 403 tons, with an average of 273 tons. The relationship between landings and temperature was significant in 9 of the 24 months examined; 7 of the 9 occurred in catches 3-4 years after the temperature was measured. Rainfall showed no significant relationship with catch amounts. The results of the regression analyses suggest that landings of E. dofleini were related to ocean temperature, especially to temperatures 3-4 years before the landings occurred, presumably during the early part of the life cycle of the landed octopuses.

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