Journal Article Virtual-state character of the two-body system in the complex scaling method

Odsuren, Myagmarjav  ,  Kikuchi, Yuma  ,  Myo, Takayuki  ,  Khuukhenkhuu, Gonchigdorj  ,  Masui, Hiroshi  ,  Kato, Kiyoshi

95 ( 6 )  , pp.064305-1 - 064305-7 , 2017-06-07 , American Physical Society (APS)
In association with the property of the 1/2(+) state observed just above the Be-8(0(+)) + n threshold energy in Be-9, we investigate the photodisintegration cross section of an s state in a simple schematic two-body model using the complex scaling method. The photodisintegration cross section, continuum level density, scattering phase shifts, and scattering length are discussed in relation with the virtual state. These scattering observables show strong divergences when a virtual state is located near the physical scattering region.

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