Conference Paper Change in Permeability of Cretaceous Sandy Shale in Kushiro Coal Mine due to Axial Stress Disturbance

Boeut, S  ,  Oshima, T  ,  Fujii, Yoshiaki  ,  Kodama, Jun-ichi  ,  Fukuda, Daisuke  ,  Matsumoto, H  ,  Uchida, K

Earthquake-induced stress disturbances caused the water level change in the far-field wells. During the Cold War, the artificial surface vibration in Russia to confuse the source location of underground nuclear tests by Western countries promoted the increase of natural gas production of the nearby wells. The above phenomena might be due to the increase in permeability by the transient stress disturbances resulting from the new pathways being created or the existing pathways being unclogged. Thus, the research was aimed to investigate on the change in permeability due to transient stress disturbance. The permeability change principle might be promoted the enhancement of methane gas recovery, prevention of large earthquake by inducing small earthquakes and de-routing of contaminated ground water flow in the future. The permeability of Cretaceous sandy shale tended to decrease by the disturbances. The smaller the stress amplitude, the larger the decrease in the permeability was. However, the decrease amount was smaller at no disturbances. Increasing and decreasing factors may be working together.

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