Journal Article A Computer Aided Education System Based on Augmented Reality by Immersion to 3-D Magnetic Field

Matsutomo, Shinya  ,  Manabe, Tomohisa  ,  Cingoski, Vlatko  ,  Noguchi, So

53 ( 6 )  , p.8102004 , 2017-06 , IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)
An immersive real-time visualization system of 3-D magnetic field for educational purposes is presented. This immersive visualization system is based on augmented reality technology. The proposed system provides observation of a magnetic field distribution and its stereoscopic vision in 3-D space using head mounted display. To improve the visualization capabilities, a new real-time method for drawing magnetic flux lines in 3-D space is developed and presented in this paper. It enables a user to easily observe and grasp a magnetic field generated by multiple sources (e.g., magnets and/or multiple coils) in an augmented 3-D space. Additionally, it permits a user to freely and interactively move the magnetic sources within the visualization space and to observe the magnetic fields interference in real-time. As a result, one can intuitively and easy visualize, observe and grasp the magnetic field even in 3-D space.

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