Departmental Bulletin Paper 企業の採用活動とインターンシップとの関連に関する定量的分析 : 企業と大学へのアンケート調査結果をもとに

亀野, 淳

128pp.155 - 167 , 2017-06-23 , 北海道大学大学院教育学研究院
While at present it is considered taboo to link internships to hiring and the securing of employment, the results of a survey of both companies and universities has made the following points clear: (i) Although in reality internships are linked to hiring and securing employment, they are not a primary route to these objectives; (ii) Estimation of the percentage of students who secured employment at employers where they had interned shows that such students accounted for roughly 1-2% of university students who secured employment; (iii) Majorities of both universities and companies supported linking internships to hiring and securing employment, with this percentage somewhat higher among companies, and issues identified in connection with doing so include the content of internship programs and the need to make related guidelines and rules clear.

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