Journal Article Infrared-transmittance tunable metal-insulator conversion device with thin-film-transistor-type structure on a glass substrate

Katase, Takayoshi  ,  Endo, Kenji  ,  Ohta, Hiromichi

5 ( 5 )  , p.56105 , 2017-05 , American Institute of Physics (AIP)
Infrared (IR) transmittance tunable metal-insulator conversion was demonstrated on a glass substrate by using thermochromic vanadium dioxide (VO2) as the active layer in a three-terminal thin-film-transistor-type device withwater-infiltrated glass as the gate insulator. Alternative positive/negative gate-voltage applications induce the reversible protonation/deprotonation of a VO2 channel, and two-orders of magnitude modulation of sheet-resistance and 49% modulation of IR-transmittance were simultaneously demonstrated at room temperature by the metal-insulator phase conversion of VO2 in a non-volatile manner. The present device is operable by the room-temperature protonation in an all-solid-state structure, and thus it will provide a new gateway to future energy-saving technology as an advanced smart window. (C) 2017 Author(s).

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