Departmental Bulletin Paper 研究者のためのビジュアルデザイン : 「ビジュアルデザインハンドブック」の有用性
Visual Design for Researchers : Effects of Visual Design Handbook

田中, 佐代子  ,  小林, 麻己人  ,  三輪, 佳宏

21pp.41 - 57 , 2017-06 , 北海道大学 高等教育推進機構 オープンエデュケーションセンター 科学技術コミュニケーション教育研究部門(CoSTEP)
Visual designs aiding the understanding of research results are becoming important for researchers. However, many researchers use incomprehensible and unattractive visual designs, which is why we attempted to formulate effective visual design rules for researchers. First, we published handbooks that presented plans of these visual design rules. We distributed them to researchers in Japan and conducted surveys using questionnaires. We then inspected the effects and problems of these plans. Consequently, the most effective rules were about the “Layout,” particularly the rule“ Being Conscious of the Flow of the Eyes.” The second most effective rules were about “Color Methods,” particularly the rule “Deciding Three Colors (Main Color, Accent Color, and Neutral Color).” The rules about “Drawing using PowerPoint” were also effective, particularly the rule“ Mastering Edit Points.”

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