Journal Article Three-body decay of linear-chain states in C14

Baba, T.  ,  Kimura, M.

95 ( 6 )  , p.064318 , 2017-06-22 , American Physical Society (APS)
The decay properties of the linear-chain states in 14C are investigated by using antisymmetrized molecular dynamics. The calculation predicts two rotational bands with linear-chain configurations having the π-bond and σ-bond valence neutrons. For the π-bond linear-chain, the calculated excitation energies and the widths of α-decay to the ground state of 10Be reasonably agree with the experimental candidates observed by the α+10Be resonant scattering. On the other hand, the σ-bond linear-chain is the candidate of the higher-lying resonant states reported by the breakup reaction. As the evidence of the σ-bond linear chain, we discuss its decay pattern. It is found that the σ-bond linear chain not only decays to the excited band of 10Be but also decays to the three-body channel of 6He+α+α, and the branching ratio of these decays are comparable. Hence, we suggest that this characteristic decay pattern is a strong signature of the linear-chain formation and a key observable to distinguish two different linear chains.

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