Journal Article Insertion and Deletion Mismatches Distant from the Target Position Improve Gene Correction with a Tailed Duplex

Kamiya, Hiroyuki  ,  Nishigaki, Natsuki  ,  Ikeda, Akihiro  ,  Yukawa, Seiya  ,  Morita, Yukiko  ,  Nakatsu, Yoshimichi  ,  Tsuzuki, Teruhisa  ,  Harashima, Hideyoshi

35 ( 7 )  , pp.379 - 388 , 2017-07-03 , Taylor & Francis
A 5-tailed duplex (TD) DNA corrects a base-substitution mutation. In this study, the effects of insertion and deletion (indel) mismatches distant from the target position on the gene correction were examined. Three target plasmid DNAs with and without indel mismatches approximate to 330 bases distant from the correction target position were prepared, and introduced into HeLa cells together with the TD. The indel mismatches improved the gene correction efficiency and specificity without sequence conversions at the indel mismatch site. These results suggested that the gene correction efficiency and specificity are increased when an appropriate second mismatch is introduced into the TD fragment.

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