Conference Paper Chemical Reaction Effects on the Tensile Strength of Lignite by Hydrogen Peroxide

Alam, Akm. B  ,  Aramaki, N  ,  Tamamura, S  ,  Ueno, A  ,  Murakami, T  ,  Tamazawa, S  ,  Kaneko, K  ,  Fujii, Yoshiaki

Lignite seams of the Tempoku coalfield in Hokkaido, Japan, are being considered to produce biomethane by subsurface cultivation and gasification method (SCG, Aramaki et al., 2015). Formation of low-molecularweight- organic-acids (LMWOC) by induced oxidation using hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is the first stage of this method. Subsequent stages include methanogen cultivation to produce biomethane, using the LMWOC as a substrate, and the last stage corresponds to gas recovery. This study focuses on the influence of the formation of LMWOC via chemical reactions on the tensile strength of the lignite, from an engineering perspective.

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