Journal Article High-Speed In Situ Observation System for Sonoporation of Cells With Size- and Position-Controlled Microbubbles

Kudo, Nobuki

64 ( 1 )  , pp.273 - 280 , 2017-01 , IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)
A high-speed in situ microscopic observation system developed for basic studies on mechanisms of sonoporation is introduced in this paper. The main part of the system is an inverted-type fluorescence microscope, and a high-speed camera of 20 MHz in a maximum framing rate was used to visualize the dynamics of cavitation bubbles that causes a sonoporation effect. Differential interference contrast and fluorescence techniques were used for sensitive visualization of cell changes during sonoporation. The system is also equipped with optical tweezers that can move a microbubble of several microns in size by using a donut-shaped light beam. In situ microscopic observation of sonoporation was carried out using a cell with a size-and position-controlled microbubble. The experimental results showed that the ability of cells to repair sonoporation-induced damage depends on their membrane tension, indicating the usefulness of the observation system as a basic tool for the investigation of sonoporation phenomena.

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