Departmental Bulletin Paper 韓国における果樹農家の組織化に関する考察
A study of producers cooperatives for fruit-farm households in South Korea

李, 香美  ,  金, 東煥  ,  高, 鐘泰  ,  朴, 紅

71pp.39 - 50 , 2017-03-31 , 北海道大学大学院農学研究院
Recently, as the issue of stabilizing supply and demand is becoming the goal of the agricultural administration, opinions insisting to strengthen bargaining powers and solving the supply and demand of agricultural products are being raised through production groups autonomically forming organizations in producing districts. This producers organizing is a method of strengthening the competitiveness of producing areas, not the goal. Hence, this study aims to search for a local and systematical competitiveness improvement method for the organization of farmer engaging directly in farming. In order to carry out this study, a Heckman Probit model was used for analyzing the mutual relationships of different fruit-farms divided in accordance with type of farming and whether or not participating in production organizations. As a result, first of all, full-time farmers that are running a complex farm showed a tendency of not participating in production organization. Secondary, the regional characteristics had statistically significant effects on the decision of the type of farming and participating in production organizations. Thirdly, securing agricultural man power had a significant effect on the decision of the type of farming and participating in production organizations. Fourthly, gender had an effect on the decision of participating in production organizations. Fifthly, in the case of older farmers, they might not find participating in production organizations desirable, but there is a need to share their farming experiences with the members of the production organizations.

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