Departmental Bulletin Paper 韓国における高原野菜産地の特質 : 太白市の白菜団地を対象に
The characteristics of highland vegetable production areas in Korea : Targeting Chinese cabbages grown in Taebaek-si

坂下, 明彦  ,  申, 錬鐵  ,  朴, 紅  ,  松木, 靖  ,  禹, 暎均

71pp.29 - 38 , 2017-03-31 , 北海道大学大学院農学研究院
Outdoor vegetable production areas are confronting extreme variabilities, including the severity of price fluctuations, as well as an insufficient labor force and soil fertility problems. Several measures have been put in place in Japan to lower production risks, including the creation of a price stabilization fund, the formation of a labor support organization, and the implementation of soil fertility measures. Meanwhile, outdoor production areas of Chinese cabbages and radishes in Korea are facing growing competition from China's exports. This study reveals the production and the distribution structure of the highland vegetabel production area in Gangwon-do Taebaek-si, and the features of the custom of buying vegetable before harvest in Korea.

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