Departmental Bulletin Paper 卸売業者による他市場売買参加権取得の意義
The significance of wholesalers' acquisition of the formal buying right for another wholesale market

山内, 優祐  ,  坂爪, 浩史

71pp.21 - 28 , 2017-03-31 , 北海道大学大学院農学研究院
As in the past, wholesalers that have a weak ability to collect fruit and vegetables have depended on the transfer from wholesalers and secondary wholesalers in another wholesale market that have a stronger ability. In recent years, however, more that more of these weak wholesalers are acquiring the formal buying right for different, stronger, wholesale market. This paper aims to clarify the significance of wholesalers acquisition of such formal buying rights. the analysis yielded the following results. First, the institutional characteristic of such collecting with a formal buying right compared to transfer are the payment is through the official payment system of the wholesale market, the cost of credit investigation and the risk of bill collection are shared by authorized buyer's unions and a bill adjustment company, and the incentive for payment by the deadline is provided by supply-side wholesalers to collection-side wholesalers. Second, the merits for supply-side wholesalers are reduced cost of credit investigation and lower risk of bill collection by using official payment systems of their wholesale markets, swift bill collection, and securing of collection-side wholesalers as stable buyers. Third, the merits for collection-side wholesalers are obtaining discretion for transportation, reliable collection, the ability to collect from many wholesalers and secondary wholesalers in the market, and a certain part of the payment of charges is refunded as an incentive for full payment by the due date. These merits for both supply-side and collection-side wholesalers are leading more and more wholesalers to acquire the formal buying right for another wholesale market.

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