Journal Article In situ direct observation of photocorrosion in ZnO crystals in ionic liquid using a laser-equipped high-voltage electron microscope

Ishioka, J.  ,  Kogure, K.  ,  Ofuji, K.  ,  Kawaguchi, K.  ,  Jeem, M.  ,  Kato, T.  ,  Shibayama, T.  ,  Watanabe, S.

7 ( 3 )  , pp.035220-1 - 035220-8 , 2017-03-30 , American Institute of Physics (AIP)
ZnO photocatalysts in water react with environmental water molecules and corrode under illumination. ZnO nanorods in water can also grow because of water splitting induced by UVirradiation.To investigate their morphological behavior caused by crystal growth and corrosion, here we developed a new laser-equipped high-voltage electron microscope and observed crystal ZnO nanorods immersed in ionic liquid. Exposing the specimen holder to a laser with awavelength of 325 nm, we observed the photocorrosion in situ at the atomic scale for the first time. This experiment revealed that Zn and O atoms near the interface between the ZnO nanorods and the ionic liquid tended to dissolve into the liquid. The polarity and facet of the nanorods were strongly related to photocorrosion and crystal growth.

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