Journal Article Mathematical model for self-propelled droplets driven by interfacial tension

Nagai, Ken H.  ,  Tachibana, Kunihito  ,  Tobe, Yuta  ,  Kazama, Masaki  ,  Kitahata, Hiroyuki  ,  Omata, Seiro  ,  Nagayama, Masaharu

144 ( 11 )  , p.114707 , 2016-03-21 , American Institute of Physics (AIP)
We propose a model for the spontaneous motion of a droplet induced by inhomogeneity in interfacial tension. The model is derived from a variation of the Lagrangian of the system and we use a time-discretized Morse flow scheme to perform its numerical simulations. Our model can naturally simulate the dynamics of a single droplet, as well as that of multiple droplets, where the volume of each droplet is conserved. We reproduced the ballistic motion and fission of a droplet, and the collision of two droplets was also examined numerically.

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