Journal Article Mechanochemical Synthesis of a Carboxylated Carbon Catalyst and Its Application in Cellulose Hydrolysis

Shrotri, Abhijit  ,  Kobayashi, Hirokazu  ,  Fukuoka, Atsushi

8 ( 6 )  , pp.1059 - 1064 , 2016-03-18 , Wiley-VCH
A carbon catalyst containing a high density of carboxyl groups was prepared by solvent-free mechanochemical oxidation of activated carbon by using persulfate salts as the oxidant. The mechanochemical oxidation preferentially oxidized the carbon to introduce carboxyl groups without incorporation of sulfonated groups. The material exhibited hydrophilic behavior and was easily dispersed in water. Upon mix-milling, the oxidized carbon showed good catalytic activity for the hydrolysis of cellulose, even at a low catalyst loading. Glucose was obtained in 85% yield from mix-milled cellulose in the presence of a trace amount of HCl after a reaction time of 20min.

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