Journal Article Rapid Detection of Cat Cystatin C (cCys-C) Using Immuno-Pillar Chips

Mohammadi, Saeed  ,  Busa, Lori Shayne Alamo  ,  Maeki, Masatoshi  ,  Mohamadi, Reza M.  ,  Ishida, Akihiko  ,  Tani, Hirofumi  ,  Tokeshi, Manabu

32 ( 12 )  , pp.1359 - 1362 , 2016-12 , 日本分析化学会(Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry)
We demonstrated a rapid immunoassay for detection of cat cystatin C (cCys-C) which is an important marker for chronic kidney disease in cats, using immuno-pillar chips. The required amount of reagent solution is 200 times smaller than that for the conventional ELISA in the 96-well microplate (0.5 mu L versus 100 mu L). In addition, the total assay time in the proposed method is more than 12 times shorter than in the conventional method (20 min versus 240 min). The limit of detection in the new method of 3 ng mL(-1) is comparable to that of the conventional method (1 ng mL(-1)) and it is in the clinically relevant range.

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