Journal Article 不確定性を含むデジタルカーリングにおけるゲーム木探索

加藤, 修  ,  飯塚, 博幸  ,  山本, 雅人

57 ( 11 )  , pp.2354 - 2364 , 2016-11-15 , 情報処理学会
Computer AI game players have beaten human expert players in two players zero-sum perfect information games such as Go and Japanese Chess and the focus is moving to multiple players, imperfect information games and even with uncertainty such as Mah-jong and Werewolf. Digital curling is one of the games with uncertainty. It has been developed as a testbed of the games with uncertainty to compete computer AI programs and to analyze the curling strategies of human players. This paper proposes an expectimax game tree search method for the digital curling where candidate moves are represented as the combination of the throwing-target position and rotational direction of stones and the discretized board states are nodes of the tree. The method can take into account uncertainty using stochastic transition in the game tree. To evaluate our proposed method, we compare the winning rates of the methods with and without the stochasticity while changing the searching depth. Our results show that our proposed method with the stochasticity is better than without the stochasticity and can only show the effective look ahead. From those results, it is shown that our proposed method could handle uncertainty and perform effective tree search on digital curling.

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