Conference Paper 3次元動的破壊プロセス解析法を用いた岩石の動的引張試験に関する基礎的検討

二瓶, 恵理菜  ,  福田, 大祐  ,  Cho, Sang-Ho  ,  Oh, Se-Wook  ,  児玉, 淳一  ,  藤井, 義明

Evaluation of dynamic tensile strength of rock is of a significant importance for blasting design in terms of such as blasting−induced damages and fragmentation of rock. Dynamic tension test based on Hopkinson effect combining with spall phenomena has been performed to determine dynamic tensile strength of rock by various researchers. However, they have proposed different evaluation methods for dynamic tensile strength using such as free surface velocity, positions of fracture plane and elastic wave velocity of the cylindrical rock specimen based on different hypotheses while have not reached a definitive conclusion. In addition, verification of each evaluation method is very challenging since the number of useful tools which can analyze the 3−dimensional(3−D) dynamic fracture process of rock have been limited. To overcome this situation, we have developed a 3−D Dynamic Fracture Process Analysis (DFPA) method which can realistically simulate the complex 3−D fracturing process of rock. In this paper, we applied the 3−D DFPA method to the dynamic tension test. The results show that the DFPA can express the free surface velocity, positions and patterns of fracture measured by experiments and could be a useful tool to discuss about each evaluation method in greater detail.

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