Journal Article Naturalness and lepton number/flavor violation in inverse seesaw models

Haba, Naoyuki  ,  Ishida, Hiroyuki  ,  Yamaguchi, Yuya

(11)  , p.003 , 2016-11-03 , Springer
We introduce three right-handed neutrinos and three sterile neutrinos, and consider an inverse seesaw mechanism for neutrino mass generation. From naturalness point of view, their Majorana masses should be small, while it induces a large neutrino Yukawa coupling. Then, a neutrinoless double beta decay rate can be enhanced, and a sizable Higgs mass correction is inevitable. We find that the enhancement rate can be more than ten times compared with a standard prediction from light neutrino contribution alone, and an analytic form of heavy neutrino contributions to the Higgs mass correction. In addition, we numerically analyze the model, and find almost all parameter space of the model can be complementarily searched by future experiments of neutrinoless double beta decay and mu -> e conversion.

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