Journal Article Deuteron-like neutron-proton correlation in F-18 studied with the cluster-orbital shell model approach

Masui, Hiroshi  ,  Kimura, Masaaki

(5)  , p.053 , 2016-05 , Oxford University Press
We study the deuteron-like correlation (T = 0) in F-18 using the cluster-orbital shell model approach within the core+ p + n model space, which successfully reproduces the observed properties of F-18 such as B(M1) and the matter radius. Based on the analysis of the correlation energy, magnetic moment, and opening angle, it is found that the deuteron-like proton-neutron pair is formed despite the deep binding of the valence nucleons. It is shown that the [j > circle times j <](T=0)(J=1) configurations play an important role because of the deuteron-like pair formation. We show that the strong correlation leads to the non-negligible occupation of p f and higher shells that are embedded in the single-particle continua, and gives rise to the spatially correlated deuteron-like pair formation. We also investigate how the spin-orbit interaction affects the correlation energy, because the occupation probability of the [j >.circle times j <](T=0)(J=1) configurations strongly depends on the spin-orbit splitting.

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