Journal Article Estimation of Ice Content in Mortar Based on Electrical Measurements under Freeze-Thaw Cycle

Wang, Yi  ,  Gong, Fuyuan  ,  Zhang, Dawei  ,  Ueda, Tamon

14 ( 2 )  , pp.35 - 46 , 2016-02 , Japan Concrete Institute
Ice content is an essential factor that affects the internal pressure of cement-based materials during freeze-thaw cycles (FTCs). Since the electrical conductivity of mortar is closely related to its moisture content, it is possible to estimate the ice content based on electrical conductivity variation of mortar. As a result, the ice formation process during FTCs can be monitored. This paper proposed a model to estimate the ice content by applying electrical measurements and clarified the combined effects of temperature and moisture content for electrical conductivity of mortar. The ice content of mortar was estimated with the model by conducting the electrical test. The results are found in acceptable agreement with theoretical results from thermodynamic analysis, and the relationship between ice content and temperature is similar to existing calorimetric test results, which confirm the reliability of the model and the proposed test method.

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