Journal Article Photodisintegration cross section of 9Be up to 16 MeV in the α + α + n three-body model

Kikuchi, Yuma  ,  Odsuren, Myagmarjav  ,  Myo, Takayuki  ,  Katō, Kiyoshi

93 ( 5 )  , p.054605 , 2016-05-06 , American Physical Society (APS)
The photodisintegration of 9Be in the energy region lower than Eγ = 16 MeV is investigated by using the α + α + n three-body model and the complex scaling method. The cross section exhibits two aspects in two different energy regions. In the low-energy region up to Eγ = 6 MeV, the cross section is explained by the transition strengths into the excited resonant states of 9Be, while the dipole transition into the nonresonant continuum states of 8Be(2+) + n dominates the cross section in the energy region of 6 Eγ 16 MeV. Furthermore, it is shown that the dipole strength at Eγ ∼ 8MeV is understood to be caused by the single-neutron excitation from the 8Be(2+) ⊗ νp3/2 configuration in the ground state.

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