Departmental Bulletin Paper Additions to ‘Notes on scale insects of the genus Aulacaspis occurring on grasses and herbs’: Some species on woody plants (Sternorrhyncha: Coccoidea: Diaspididae)

Sadao, Takagi  ,  Sadao, Takagi

Ten species of Aulacaspis, all occurring on woody plants, are examined on the supposition that the grass- and herb-associated portions of the genus have their origins in the main body of the genus occurring on woody dicotyledons. A. donacis, n.sp., occuring on Donax in Malaya, is very similar to the grass-feeding A. herbae (Green) and a. discorum Hall and Williams but is primitive as compared with the latter two in the state of the medium trullae. A. spinosa (Maskell) and A. pseudospinosa Chen et al. are revised and A. smilacis, n.sp., is described from Malaya; these three species, together with A. neospinosa Tang and A. takahashii Takagi, belong to the spinosa species group, which is associated mainly with shrubs of Smilax and herbaceous plants of orchids. Six species occurring on woody dicotyledons are described as new: A. nephelii, A. cuneiformis, A. ixonanthis, and A. tenuis from Malaya, A. pyriformis from Malaya and Palawan Is., and A. milletiae from Palawan Is.; some of these species appear to be closely related to A. labucola Takagi, one of the three known species occurring on herbaceous vines of Cucurbitaceae in Malaya

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