Departmental Bulletin Paper Redescription of the phytophagous ladybird beetle Henosepilachna diekei and descriptions of two related species from Indonesia (Coccinellidae, Coccinellinae, Epilachnini)

Matsubayashi, Kei, W.  ,  Kahono, Sih  ,  Hartini, Sri  ,  Fujiyama, Naoyuki  ,  Katakura, Haruo

The phytophagous ladybird beetle Henosepilachna diekei Jadwiszczak & Wegrzynowicz was redescribed on the basis of specimens from Indonesia and other south and southeastern Asian countries, and two new species related to it were described as H. nakanoi Matsubayashi & Katakura sp. nov. and H. uenoi Matsubayashi & Katakura sp. nov. Henosepilachna nakanoi is easily discernible from congeners by the unique structure of male and female genitalia. Henosepilachna uenoi has genitalia being nearly identical with H. diekei, but the two species sympatric in Bali are separable by the habitus shape, elytral maculation pattern, and host plants. A phylogenetic analysis based on mitochondrial NADH dehydrogenase subunit 2(ND2) gene sequences also indicated that H. uenoi and H. diekei are genetically distinct, though very close to each other.

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