Journal Article Bubble and skyrmion crystals in frustrated magnets with easy-axis anisotropy

Hayami, Satoru  ,  Lin, Shi-Zeng  ,  Batista, Cristian D.

93 ( 18 )  , p.184413 , 2016-05-13 , American Physical Society (APS)
We clarify the conditions for the emergence of multiple-Qstructures out of lattice and easy-axis spin anisotropy in frustrated magnets. By considering magnets whose exchange interaction has multiple global minima in momentum space, we find that both types of anisotropy stabilize triple-Q orderings. Moderate anisotropy leads to a magnetic-field-induced skyrmion crystal, which evolves into a bubble crystal for increasing spatial and spin anisotropy. The bubble crystal exhibits a quasicontinuous (devil's staircase) temperature-dependent ordering wave vector, characteristic of the competition between frustrated exchange and strong easy-axis anisotropy.

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