Journal Article Free Reprocessability of Tough and Self-Healing Hydrogels Based on Polyion Complex

Luo, Feng  ,  Sun, Tao Lin  ,  Nakajima, Tasuku  ,  Kurokawa, Takayuki  ,  Ihsan, Abu Bin  ,  Li, Xufeng  ,  Guo, Honglei  ,  Gong, Jian Ping

4 ( 9 )  , pp.961 - 964 , 2015-09-15
Tough hydrogels with facile processability to reform into various shapes are required in many practical applications. In this work, we reported that a novel, tough, and self-healing physical hydrogel based on polyion complex (PIC) can be dissolved in 4 M NaCl solution to form a PIC solution. The PIC solution can be easily reprocessed into various shapes, such as thin films, sheets, fibers, and capsules, by using simple methods, such as casting and injection, while maintaining excellent mechanical properties comparable to, or even better than, the original hydrogel. The reprocessability and robust mechanical properties of PIC hydrogels are promising for practical applications in soft materials, especially in 3D/4D printing technology.

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