Departmental Bulletin Paper 北海道近海産マイナー魚28種の脂質特性
Lipid profiles of 28 Minor Marine Fish Species Caught from the Waters around Hokkaido, Japan

中塚, 美紀子  ,  安藤, 靖浩

66 ( 2 )  , pp.69 - 76 , 2016-08-10 , 北海道大学大学院水産科学研究院
Lipid content, lipid class composition, and fatty acid composition were determined for 28 minor marine fish species caught from the waters around Hokkaido, Japan. The samples include some rare fish such as dusky rockfish Sebastes variabilis "nagamenuke" and prowfish Zaprora silenus "bouzuginpo." Most samples had low lipid contents, and therefore, can be used in low-fat fish foods. In contrast, the fish of four species and the liver of eight species were rich in lipid as they contained triacylgycerols or diacylglycerylethers as major lipid classes. Such fatty fish can be used as a source of marine lipids. The liver of brown hakeling Physiculus maximowiczi "donko" and ocean sunfish Mola mola "manbou" was found to be useful for including EPA and DHA. Prowfish and other two species were shown to contain tetracosahexaenoic acid in their fatty flesh and/or liver. These findings are useful fundamental information on the minor marine fish.

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