Journal Article Isolation of the Thogoto virus from a Haemaphysalis longicornis in Kyoto City, Japan

Yoshii, Kentaro  ,  Okamoto, Natsumi  ,  Nakao, Ryo  ,  Hofstetter, Robert Klaus  ,  Yabu, Tomoko  ,  Masumoto, Hiroki  ,  Someya, Azusa  ,  Kariwa, Hiroaki  ,  Maeda, Akihiko

96 ( 8 )  , pp.2099 - 2103 , 2015-08 , Society for General Microbiology
Ticks transmit viruses responsible for severe emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases, some of which have a significant impact on public health. In Japan, little is known about the distribution of tick-borne viruses. In this study, we collected and tested ticks to investigate the distribution of tick-borne arboviruses in Kyoto, Japan, and isolated the first Thogoto virus (THOV) to our knowledge from Haemaphysalis longicomis in far-eastern Asia. The Japanese isolate was genetically distinct from a cluster of other isolates from Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Various cell lines derived from mammals and ticks were susceptible to the isolate, but it was not pathogenic in mice. These results advance understanding of the distribution and ecology of THOV.

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