Departmental Bulletin Paper 医師の自律的専門家集団の必要性と実現性に関する考察 : 高度専門職の権限と義務の相補性の実現
A study on the feasibility and necessity about Autonomous professional group of doctors : Realization of complementarity for rights and obligations of advanced profession

山下, 耕司

10pp.213 - 234 , 2016-03-31 , 北海道大学公共政策大学院 = Hokkaido University Public Policy School
The purpose of this paper is that the medical service system of Japan must establish the autonomous occupational group of physicians in order to control the quality of medical services. In order to prove this proposition, I relate the discussion of the following three reasons. ● The first reason is that persons other than the physician may not be able to manage the physician. ● The second reason is there is no history of autonomous professional group in Japan. ● The third reason is, in fact, professional group of doctors are doing the management of quality autonomously in Germany. Its system should be realized.

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