Departmental Bulletin Paper 地方創生の展開と市町村の行方 : 地方再生実現の可能性
Development of Regional Revitalization and the Future of Japanese Municipalities : Can Regional Regeneration be Realized?

坪松, 靖

10pp.253 - 267 , 2016-03-31 , 北海道大学公共政策大学院 = Hokkaido University Public Policy School
It is estimated that half of the Japanese municipalities would be abolished by 2040. The reasons include the sharp decrease in the working force and decrease in the market, which stems from the rapid aging society along with the low fertility rate, Against this backdrop, the Japanese Government has introduced the “Communities, Sages, and Jobs Rebirth Act” on November 2014, which outlines the basic direction for the general strategy to revitalize Japanese municipalities. However, since regional planning consists of policy cooperation in respective fields, it is difficult to conduct regional planning solely by one municipality. Therefore, in regional revitalization, it is crucial to consider the regional cooperation and policy issues beyond one single administrative district and to engage in a more comprehensive regional planning. Thus, this paper will explore the policy design for regional revitalization of Japanese municipalities and the need for acquiring data stock to design a comprehensive strategy for regional planning.

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