Journal Article Hierarchical nanowire arrays based on carbon nanotubes and Co3O4 decorated ZnO for enhanced photoelectrochemical water oxidation

Li, Mu  ,  Chang, Kun  ,  Wang, Tao  ,  Liu, Lequan  ,  Zhang, Huabin  ,  Li, Peng  ,  Ye, Jinhua

3 ( 26 )  , pp.13731 - 13737 , 2015-07-14 , Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)
A highly enhanced activity for photoelectrochemical water splitting was achieved by fabricating carbon nanotube (CNT) and Co3O4 decorated hierarchical ZnO nanowire (NW) arrays via a facile stepwise synthesis strategy. The ternary CNT-ZnO-Co3O4 NW composite exhibits an increased photocurrent density (1.9 mA cm(-2) at 0.6 V vs. Ag/AgCl, 2.7 times larger than that of the pristine ZnO NWs) and improved incident photon to current conversion efficiency (52.5% at 340 nm, 5.1 times higher than that of the pristine ZnO NWs) as a photoanode under AM 1.5G simulated sunlight. This enhancement is attributed to the specific heterogeneous ternary architecture, which results in promoted electron-hole charge separation and transfer, decreased water oxidation overpotential as well as increased reaction rates of water splitting by decorating ZnO NWs with CNTs and Co3O4.

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