Journal Article Theoretical Investigation of Six-Mode Multi/Demultiplexer Based on Fused-Type Multicore Fiber Coupler

Nishimoto, Shoko  ,  Fujisawa, Takeshi  ,  Sasaki, Yusuke  ,  Uemura, Hitoshi  ,  Saitoh, Kunimasa

8 ( 3 )  , p.7802908 , 2016-06 , IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)
A six-mode (LP01/LP11ab/LP21ab/LP02) multi/demultiplexer based on a fusedtype multicore fiber coupler is proposed, and the coupling characteristics are investigated. The multi/demultiplex operation is achieved by a phase matching between the desired mode of center core and the LP01 mode of the outer core in the elongated region of the fused-type multicore fiber coupler. From the numerical results based on the beam propagation method, it is found that the coupling efficiencies between the LP01 and LP11/LP21/LP02 modes are more than -0.1 dB, and the crosstalk is lower than -20 dB at the wavelength of 1550 nm.

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