Journal Article Beginning of Universe through large field hybrid inflation

Kobayashi, Tatsuo  ,  Seto, Osamu

30 ( 21 )  , p.1550106 , 2015-07-10 , World Scientific Publishing
Recent detection of B-mode polarization induced from tensor perturbations by the BICEP2 experiment implies the so-called large field inflation, where an inflaton field takes super-Planckian expectation value during inflation, at a high energy scale. We show however, if another inflation follows hybrid inflation, the hybrid inflation can generate a large tensor perturbation with not super-Planckian but Planckian field value. This scenario would relax the tension between BICEP2 and Planck concerning the tensor-to-scalar ratio, because a negative large running can also be obtained for a certain number of e-fold of the hybrid inflation. A natural interpretation of a large gravitational wave mode with or without the scalar spectral running might be multiple inflation in the early Universe.

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