Departmental Bulletin Paper 市民参加による生物モニタリングが参加者の学びと地域への関心に及ぼす影響 : チノービオトープフォレストにおける事例紹介
Citizen Participated Ecosystem Monitoring Affects Participant's Learning and Interests in Local Nature : A Case Study on“ CHINO Biotope Forest”

辻野, 昌広  ,  村田, 匡史  ,  佐々木, 雅裕  ,  相澤, 章仁

19pp.43 - 56 , 2016-07 , 北海道大学 高等教育推進機構 オープンエデュケーションセンター 科学技術コミュニケーション教育研究部門(CoSTEP)
Although numbers of kind nature learning events are held as environmental educations, most of them failed to construct interactive learning among interpreters and participants. In this paper, we introduced a case study of the citizen participatory ecological monitoring coupling with nature learning to show an advanced interactive learning. We set two monitoring at “CHINO Biotope Forest” in Gunma, Japan; visual observation of the egg batches of mantes and capturing dragonfly larvae. Making result papers in real time brought some findings on the local nature to members and realized active learning. The case succeeded in showing the effect as the device to raise the interest in the biotope within local nature and to bring scientific awareness. As a result, such behavioral changes were also seen among participants, as repetitive visit to the biotope. It is expected that the environmental education programs within local nature are promoted by continuing the program and expanding those program to the neighboring local nature. Additionally, the monitoring outcomes obtained at the nature learning had sufficient scientific value to monitoring. Expanding and developing those studies lead to reviewing the local nature and constructing sustainable society.

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