Journal Article Laboratory and clinical features of abnormal macroenzymes found in human sera

Moriyama, Takanori  ,  Tamura, Shogo  ,  Nakano, Keiichi  ,  Otsuka, Kohei  ,  Shigemura, Masahiko  ,  Honma, Naoyuki

1854 ( 6 )  , pp.658 - 667 , 2015-06 , Elsevier
We report the analysis of unusual macroenzymes, performed in our laboratory, and review the relevant literature. In particular, we focused on macro AST, macroamylase, macro LD and macro CK. Macroenzymes are seen in healthy subjects, but can also be related to disease; thus, accurate detection is useful in day-to-day clinical practice. The macroenzyme is thought to be a specific antigen–antibody complex from the following findings: (1) the complex could be dissociated under acidic pH levels; (2) binding specificity of immunoglobulin in the complex was observed; (3) the binding site of immunoglobulin in the complex was Fab portion; and (4) the maternal IgG involved with macroenzyme was transferred to her children. This article is part of a Special Issue entitled: Medical Proteomics.

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