Conference Paper Learning Experiences and their Values Created by Distance Learning : A Qualitative Analysis of Chinese Language Learning through Cross Cultural Exchange

杉江, 聡子  ,  三木, 真実

In this study, blended learning model was designed, which utilized Cross-Cultural Distance Learning between Japan and China. Questionnaires were analyzed with a qualitative method and were interpreted to explore learning experiences and their outcomes. As a result, the learners recognized their achievements in knowledge, skills and communication attitudes. Besides, they accomplished promotion of cross-cultural understanding and discovering Chinese youth culture. They also experienced joy of utilizing knowledge or skills in communication. They were able to be aware of future subjects based on failure experiences, and it improved learning motivation.
本研究设计了远程交流混合式学习模式。以问卷自由记述为对象, 从学生的角度探讨质性学习体验, 成果及其价值。结果如下:学生通过跨文化交流,不仅认识到知识、技能、态度上的效果,且促进跨文化理解, 发现中国青年文化。学生将知识和技能直接应用于交流获得沟通成功体验, 基于沟通失败体验找到不足之处, 由此明确学习目标并提高学习动机。
The 9th International Conference and Workshops on Technology and Chinese Language Teaching(TCLT9). May 27-29, 2016. University of Macau.

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