Journal Article Hyper-stable organo-Eu-III luminophore under high temperature for photo-industrial application

Nakajima, Ayako  ,  Nakanishi, Takayuki  ,  Kitagawa, Yuichi  ,  Seki, Tomohiro  ,  Ito, Hajime  ,  Fushimi, Koji  ,  Hasegawa, Yasuchika

6p.24458 , 2016-04-15 , Nature Publishing Group
Novel organo-Eu-III luminophores, Eu(hfa)(x)(CPO)(y) and Eu(hfa)(x)(TCPO)(y) (hfa: hexafluoroacetylacetonate, CPO: 4-carboxyphenyl diphenyl phosphine oxide, TCPO: 4,4',4 ''- tricarboxyphenyl phosphine oxide), were synthesized by the complexation of Eu-III ions with hfa moieties and CPO or TCPO ligands. The thermal and luminescent stabilities of the luminophores are extremely high. The decomposition temperature of Eu(hfa)(x)(CPO)(y) and Eu(hfa)(x)(TCPO)(y) were determined as 200 and 450 degrees C, respectively. The luminescence of Eu(hfa)(x)(TCPO)(y) under UV light irradiation was observed even at a high temperature, 400 degrees C. The luminescent properties of Eu(hfa)(x)(CPO)(y) and Eu(hfa)(x)(TCPO)(y) were estimated from emission spectra, quantum yields and lifetime measurements. The energy transfer efficiency from hfa moieties to EuIII ions in Eu(hfa)(x)(TCPO)(y) was 59%. The photosensitized luminescence of hyper-stable Eu(hfa)(x)(TCPO)(y) at 400 degrees C is demonstrated for future photonic applications.

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