Thesis or Dissertation Glycomics Approach of Livestock Management Toward the Discovery of Novel Biomarkers Indicating an Environmental Stress

Rehan, Ibrahim Farag Mohammed

Because various stresses strongly influence the food productivity of livestock, biomarkers to indicate unmeasurable environmental stress in domestic farm animals are of increasing importance. Thermal comfort is one of the basic principles of dairy cow welfare that enhances productivity, so that the more attention needs to be placed on the principles of The Welfare Quality® Assessment protocol, especially in summer and autumn seasons, in order to enhance the performance and production. However, the expression levels of two major sialic acids, notably Neu5Ac and Neu5Gc, in the glycoproteins/glycosphingolipids synthesized by common mammalian cells except human cells might be a critical posttranslational modification indicating drastic changes of the metabolic immune balance as well as seasonal alteration of the total serum N-glycan profiles; as an abundant and major class of glycoconjugates in animal serum glycoproteins. Thus, I considered that advent of novel and sensitive serum biomarkers using glycoblotting combined with MALDI-TOF/MS and DMB-HPLC allowed for comprehensive N-glycomics of animal model to indicate not only their productivities but significant changes in total healthy condition caused by unmeasurable stresses would contribute greatly to the improvement of their management, healthy performance and high-quality productivity.
Hokkaido University(北海道大学). 博士(生命科学)

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