Journal Article Oppositely Charged Polyelectrolytes Form Tough, Self-Healing, and Rebuildable Hydrogels

Luo, Feng  ,  Sun, Tao Lin  ,  Nakajima, Tasuku  ,  Kurokawa, Takayuki  ,  Zhao, Yu  ,  Sato, Koshiro  ,  Bin Ihsan, Abu  ,  Li, Xufeng  ,  Guo, Honglei  ,  Gong, Jian Ping

27 ( 17 )  , pp.2722 - 2727 , 2015-05-06 , Wiley-Blackwell
A series of tough polyion complex hydrogels is synthesized by sequential homopolymerization of cationic and anionic monomers. Owing to the reversible interpolymer ionic bonding, the materials are self-healable under ambient conditions with the aid of saline solution. Furthermore, self-glued bulk hydrogels can be built from their microgels, which is promising for 3D/4D printing and the additive manufacturing of hydrogels.

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