Journal Article Effect of NaCl on the Lifetime of Micro- and Nanobubbles

Uchida, Tsutomu  ,  Liu, Shu  ,  Enari, Masatoshi  ,  Oshita, Seiichi  ,  Yamazaki, Kenji  ,  Gohara, Kazutoshi

6 ( 2 )  , p.31 , 2016-02-05 , MDPI
Micro- and nanobubbles (MNBs) are potentially useful for industrial applications such as the purification of wastewater and the promotion of physiological activities of living organisms. To develop such applications, we should understand their properties and behavior, such as their lifetime and their number density in solution. In the present study, we observed oxygen MNBs distributed in an electrolyte (NaCl) solution using a transmission electron microscope to analyze samples made with the freeze-fracture replica method. We found that MNBs in a 100 mM NaCl solution remain for at least 1 week, but at higher concentrations decay more quickly. To better understand their lifetimes, we compared measurements of the solution's dissolved oxygen concentration and the -potential of the MNBs. Our detailed observations of transmission electron microscopy (TEM) images allows us to conclude that low concentrations of NaCl stabilize MNBs due to the ion shielding effect. However, higher concentrations accelerate their disappearance by reducing the repulsive force between MNBs.

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