Departmental Bulletin Paper 衛星画像を用いたオホーツク海北海道沿岸河口付近の沿岸水分類方法の検討

朝隈, 康司  ,  兼上, 裕作  ,  島, 岳志

74pp.85 - 93 , 2016-03-31 , 低温科学第74巻編集委員会
オホーツク海北海道沿岸域は高い漁獲量を誇っており,このうちホタテガイやカキに代表されるベ ントス類が3 割以上を占める.回遊ができないベントス類を養うには豊富な基礎生産と,これを維持 するための栄養塩類が豊富である必要がある.しかしながら,この海域を流れる宗谷暖流は黒潮を起 源とする対馬暖流の支流のため貧栄養である.このため,宗谷暖流への栄養塩供給源を解明すること は,持続的な地域水産業の発展へ貢献できる.本研究は,ホタテガイの好漁場である常呂沖を対象に, 河川水を宗谷暖流への栄養塩供給源の1 つと考えてその影響範囲をモニタリングすることを目的に, MODIS 画像の4 チャンネルのみを用いて沿岸水の分類方法を検討したものである.その結果,衛星 画像から常呂川河口から北東方向へ8.5 km 程度の懸濁物の輸送を見ることができた.The shore area along the Hokkaido coast in the Okhotsk Sea have high fish catches and shellfishes live in the ocean bed such as scallops or oysters accounts for 30% among fisheries resources in these area. Abundant primary production and enough nutrients to support production are necessary to maintain resource of benthos which cannot make migration. However the Soya Warm Current flow in these sea area which is the dynamic current of the Tsushima Current originated the Kuroshio Current have a low in nutrients. Therefore it can contribute to the sustainable local fisheries in the Okhotsk area to elucidate nutrients sources of supply to the Soya Current. This study is to development the classification method with four channels at most from MODIS satellite imagery for coastal water around the mouth of the Tokoro River, which is the good inshore fishery spot for scallops, for the purpose of monitoring of the influence range of the river water which would be supposed as one of the nutrient sources of supply to the coastal area of Soya Current. As a result, the transportation of the suspended solids was able to observe about 8.5 km to the northeast direction from the mouth of the Tokoro River in satellite imagery

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