Departmental Bulletin Paper The Impact of Parents’Religious Affiliation on Children’s Educational Attainment in Taiwan

Terazawa, Shigenori  ,  Ng, Ka Shing  ,  Yokoyama, Tadanori

11pp.55 - 65 , 2016-03 , 北海道大学文学研究科
This paper examines the effects of parents’religious affiliation on respondents’educational attainment in contemporary Taiwan. Data comes from religion module of 1999 Taiwan Social Change Survey. Controlling for various socio-demographic variables including ethnicity, occupational status of fathers, and educational attainment of parents, OLS regression analyses showed that educational attainment is significantly affected by the religious affiliation of parents. Clearer differences were found among Eastern religion such as folk religion and Taoism. These results imply that traditional religiosities maybe one of the important determinants of educational disparities in contemporary Taiwan.

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